"The empowerment of black women constitutes the empowerment of our entire community." - Kimberle Crenshaw

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Photographer: Liz Calka

Graphic Designer: Jona Monet

MUAs: Muslimah Carpenter, Bailaou Diallo, Ngozi Burrell, and Sophia Cecille


Ankara Streets - jessica thomas

I grew up in New Jersey and have always lived in big cities, New York, Jersey City, Raleigh, and now Washington DC. I have also always loved fashion, but more so I’ve loved fabric. I attended North Carolina State University where I majored in art and design with a focus on textiles. There I was able to explore my passion for fabric and color. My unique passion for gorgeous fabric combined with my love for the “on-the-go” lifestyle of city living has been translated through this fun and excited line that I have designed for you! Ankara Streets By Jess - “Where African Inspired, Meets Urban Street Style”


BBS HAIR STUDIO - satria fulton

Beauties By Satria (BBS Hair Studios) is committed to helping women feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. We provide personalized healthy hair care and styling that is tailored to the needs of each client. We specialize in healthy hair care, natural divas, loc goddesses, natural looking weaves, as well as brides and models of all ethnicities.


BRENE & BEAU INTERIORS - brene carrington

I've always loved to decorate, paint, and take on a new do-it-yourself project. I believe that your environment shouuld support your self-expression and lifestyle through, not only decor, but utilization. There's little room for peace or growth in your life wiith clutter in your physical and mental space. A huge fan of Martha Stewart and Marie Kondo, my on methods, services, and products are all a reflection of integrity and beauty. 



Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Keyonna graduated from St. John’s College High School in 2006 and started her collegiate career as a student of Psychology at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, N.C. In search of a more challenging path, she transferred to Philip Merrill’s College of Journalism at the University of Maryland, College Park where she received her Bachelors of Arts in Broadcast Journalism with a concentration in Education. Keyonna is now pursuing a Master’s in Science Management with a specialization in Public Relations. 

During the four years she worked as a news producer for News Radio station WNEW, 99.1, Keyonna received two Edward Murrow Awards. Returning to one of her original passions, in August 2015, Keyonna opened Congress Heights Arts and Culture Center located at 3200 MLK Ave. SE, with a mission to bring something new and necessary to the Ward 8 community in the District of Columbia. She also serves on the board of Community College Preparatory Academy, the first adult charter school East of the River.

Keyonna is happily married to professional artist Shawn “Painta” Lindsay and they have two beautiful children: their five-year-old daughter Kayla and six-month-old son Keon.



Morgan Davis is a graduate from Howard University in Washington, DC with a BFA in Design with a Concentration in Fashion. Upon coming to Howard from Michigan, she started a plus-size clothing line for two years where she sold custom designs, and vintage ware for women sizes 1X-4X. Since then, she has gone on to help other local fashion businesses with their brand development, have her designs featured in a variety of shows like DC Fashion Week, coordinate fashion shows, and other creative events. When she's not running Distinctly Creative, she works at the University of Maryland in College Park, MD doing photography, videography, and graphic design for a series of their programs. She is currently in the works of re-launching her plus-size clothing line for Spring of 2017. 

"I was inspired to start Distinctly Creative because of the lack of representation of black people and POC within the creative industry. I wanted to create a space that would uplift and support the black creative community (and creatives in general) -- because representation matters."



Furthermore... is a jewelry company featuring handmade one-of-a-kind wearable art. We are a mother-daughter team dedicated to ensuring that everyone makes a statement with our conversation pieces. Let us take your wardrobe one step further....



She is the brainchild of the #LetLoveGrow social media campaign, a body positive activist, and small business owner. A graduate of Howard University, Vermecia Alsop received her Bachelor’s of Arts from the School of Communications. She has over ten years of special events and healthcare management experience and is currently the Founder and CEO of Helix Social. Helix Social hosts events that bring people together who enjoy a good time, friendship, community, love, and wellness.

The name ‘helix’ represents the intertwining of two separate parts. Helix Social is an organization that is one part health and one part fitness because to be the best version of yourself, you need both. Helix Social's goal is to showcase the power of community and uplifting individuals from within. Helix Social's events focus on fitness, fun, and healthy lifestyles. The consecutively sold-out event Down South Bounce, which is a high energy day party meets workout, is just one example of how Helix Social strives to jump start your journey to becoming your best self and explore opportunities to improve healthy lifestyle choices in ways that aren't stuffy or boring. Vermecia is a strong believer in giving back and shares her passion for community by donating proceeds of Helix Social's events to non-profit organizations including Duke Ellington School of the Arts, YMCA Anthony Bowen, and Mission of Love Inc.



Made by a Black Woman presents "Black Girl Vision," crowdfunding meets pitch contest for women of color entrepreneurs.Our mission is to expose women of color to economic independence via entrepreneurship. We offer networking and learning experiences with the goal of providing access to capital for women of color entrepreneurs on all levels.  



Mikki Taylor is a Lecturer in the Fashion Design Department at Howard University—where she teaches Fashion Illustration I & II, Studio IV, Fashion Arts Media, History of Design—along with other Fashion Design Courses.

She has over 25 years in the field of Graphic Design and Corporate Marketing and Branding as a Principal Designer. Mikki is the Sole proprietor of Taylor Made Designs—a Design Company. She has provided Art and Creative Direction, Graphic Design and Brand Identity services across a diverse group of businesses. Such as Fashion Design, Educational, Law, Music, Arts & Entertainment, Spa & Resort, and the Transportation Industry.



Nubian Hueman features cultural goods along with art of various mediums reflecting the African Diaspora and Black culture. Our myriad of talented designers bring ethnic influences to modern silhouettes and product lines by using traditional patterns or ingredients. We concentrate on (but are not exclusive to) brands and artists that provide growth opportunities and/or a portion of its proceeds to not-for-profit organizations, fair-trade, or socio-developmental causes. The Nubian Hueman Boutique Lounge serves as a means to promote collective interaction, community development, and global responsibility through a fresh and artistic platform.



Ruby Scoops came to fruition October 2014, when Rabia noticed the increasing rarity of consistent high quality local desserts. She decided it was time to help change that, all the while beginning to take steps to work for herself. Ruby Scoops uses Kreider Farms dairy, cage free egss, cane sugar, and seasonal fruit from local farms to bring you the finest, richest ice creams, sorbets, sherbets and baked goods.



ScholarCHIPS is a 501c3 organization, founded by Yasmine Arrington, that provides college scholarships, mentoring and a support network to local youth with incarcerated parents who are pursuing their college degree. 



 An appreciation of engineering is visible in my knack for quality construction, tailoring, and keen eye. Self­expression drives my custom design production. Take the metaphor: the wearer as the messenger and fashion as the medium, for we all have a story to be told. Fashion tells an individual's unique story ­ where you're from, where you're going, your culture, your ideals... who you are. It has the ability to break barriers ­ language and otherwise ­and communicate more accurately than the most colorful of words. I love being the translator for my custom clientele.

My portfolio collections are reflective of my own personal journey through life and the world around me. I enjoy contrast just as much as cohesion and often explore this balance in design. There is an intrigue in small parts & details coming together to create a whole; the same way words come together to create a story. Each piece holds great importance, for without it, the story wouldn't be the same.

Syreeta C | Fashion is an edgy, yet sophisticated brand that specializes in couturier services. I created it to tell the story of the modern woman ­ bringing a renewed tailored attention to the expression of each distinctive wearer.



The Ayaba Series sister circle is an established healing space that facilitates honest communication amongst women in order to promote self-care and preservation.



Rita “Pete” Hawk is a Business Development Manager and Brand/Marketing Consultant for small businesses throughout the Washington, DC area. Thriving largely through her artwork, mentorship, and answering each calling with an equal amount of tenacity and enthusiasm. In creating Ursie Hawk, LLC she has aligned what she does creatively and professionally so it feels every bit of passion driven and less like work. 



At Yetunde Sarumi, we are passionate about making our customers feel confident, gorgeous, and empowered. We work towards this mission by focusing on clothing that represents these values. We offer African inspired women’s clothing, including dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, jackets and pants.