#blackcreativemagic -- the web series

#blackcreativemagic -- the web series, is a monthly web series that focuses on DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) and abroad based black creatives + entrepreneurs by showcasing their inspirations, passions, and their black creative magic.


Episode 1: Afrovelvet + Nate Gski

Episode one showcases the dynamic and amazingly talented Afrovelvet and Nate Gski. For more info about Afrovelvet, you can follow her on Instagram at @afrovelvet. For more info about Nate Gski, you can follow him on Instagram at @nategski.


Episode 2: Dez Carter

Episode two features Baltimore based graphic designer + photographer Dez Carter. For more info about Dez Carter, you can follow him on Instagram @dez.by.design.


Episode 3: Jonathan King (Co-Founder of BANEXPO)

Episode three showcases Black Alumni Networking Expo co-founder Jonathan King. For more info about Jonathan, you can follow him on Instagram @1mrking. For more info about the Black Alumni Networking Expo you can visit banexpo.org, or follow them on Instagram @banexpo.


Episode 4: Ibe Crawley

Episode four showcases DC based visual arts + sculptor Ibe Crawley For more info about Ibe, you can follow Ibe on Instagram @ibearts1239, and visit Ibe's website at anacostiaarted.org. 


Episode 5: Intellectucool

Episode five showcases Austin Weatherington and Victor Purcell -- the founders of Intellectucool. Since 2014, Intellectucool has been achieving its mission through diverse fusions of events, media, art and partnerships with non-profit organizations and businesses, while empowering artist & communities to be better understood. For more info about Intellectucool, you can follow them on Instagram @intellectucool and visit their website at intellectucool.com. 



Episode 6 features DC based artist, poet, self-published author, emcee, muse, and model Arykah B.


For more info about Arykah, you can follow Arykah on Instagram @poetricarryn.