join our tribe as a creative in residence.

Goldn roots is a haven for black creatives, entrepreneurs, dreamers, innovators, and doers that are looking to create genuine friendships, partnerships, grow their business, and foster connections within a space that prioritizes unadulterated black joy.

Over here, cooperative economics and unity is a way of life because as people of the African diaspora it’s important that we create environments that are centered around authentic inclusion and community.

Whether you are checking out some of the dope 30+ black creative vendors within the marketplace while sipping on mimosas, catching up with a friend, making a new business connection, learning a new skill at our workshops, finishing up a project, or debating with someone about whether or not Lloyd said “Fine Too” or “5’2” during our monthly game nights — we want you to feel seen and at home.

We’re here to support you, your business, and your passions because you matter. 


As a Creative in Residence, podcasters will be able to have one 1-2 hr “live show/recording” within our space during store hours once-a-month. Podcasters will be given a table within the space (which include mics, a mixer, and a laptop if need be) to produce a live show. There will be seating, so people are welcome to sit and watch/listen while shopping. During any live show we'll have light refreshments/wine available.

There will be a max of two podcasters per month.

The fee to participate is $50/mo. (no monthly commitment).


As a Creative in Residence, makeup artists will be able to provide makeup services within our space during store hours 2-4 times per month. Makeup artists will be given a table within the space + 2-4 chairs. Distinctly Creative/goldn roots will take no commission from your sales.

There will be only one makeup artist per month.

To be within the space 2x a month, the fee is $50/mo. (1 month commitment). To be within the space 4x a month the fee is $100/mo. (1 month commitment).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at For more info about our audience, foot traffic, and goldn roots overall you can check out this PDF.

apply below - deadline for september 2019 is august 9, 2019.

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