black joy lives here.

Goldn Roots is a haven for black creatives, entrepreneurs, dreamers, innovators, and doers that are looking to create genuine friendships, partnerships, grow their business, and foster connections within a space that prioritizes unadulterated black joy.

Our black creative marketplace/retail space features 15+ black creative brands within fashion, home goods, skin care, hair care, visual arts, books, and more. Whether you’re looking for that perfect gift, your new go-to dress, or something to celebrate you — we want you to feel seen & at home within our space.

To learn more about the black creatives currently featured within our space, you can scroll down below.

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Featured Vendors: September - October 2019


Ashanis African Print Collection

Founder: Tina Olusanya

Location: Virginia

Category: Clothing

ASHANIS COLLECTION is your classic destination for trending and modern African Prints. Our focus is on high quality fabrics and bold patterns for the millennial woman and man.

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Avant Garde Closet

Founder/Designer: Jasmine Woods

Location: Texas

Category: Clothing, Jewelry/Accessories

Avant Garde Closet is a custom avant-garde brand, specializing in couture fashion, costumes, revamped vintage pieces, and one-of-a-kind apparel. As the designer, I use a mix of unconventional, and sustainable mediums alongside traditional apparel fabrics to create wearable art.

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Best Life Organics

Founder: Shadora Martin

Location: Washington, DC

Category: Skin Care

Shadora created Best Life Organics in the Spring of 2018. After several years of bartending and managing restaurants in DC, she became pregnant with her daughter Saadia and decided to take a seat. It was in that seat that she prioritized her wellness and re-discovered the wonders of her home apothecary. Thus, best life was born.

Shadora spends her days mommying, hand-making all of her products, and obsessing over ways to make natural skincare more accessible for everyone in her community. She does all of this while binge watching Game of Thrones, 90’s Sitcoms, and jamming to Cardi B.

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boheme en bluu

Founder/Designer: Leslie Nichols

Location: Virginia

Category: Jewelry

Boheme en bluu started in 2015 as Boho Bluu but received a new name and rebranded as boheme en bluu in fall 2017. Boheme en bluu is all about a modern take on bohemian, from delicate layered necklaces and beaded arm parties to bright, shoulder grazing, tassel earrings. We also offer custom jewelry consultations for the boheme girl that wants to add a unique personal touch to her pieces.

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Candid Tea

Founder/Designer: Courtney Alexandria

Location: Maryland

Category: Home Goods/Food

Candid Tea is a social good, health and wellness brand founded by Courtney Alexandria to empower women to lead healthier lives. As a plant-based, eco-friendly small business, our mission is to provide wellness education inspired by tea in hopes of inspiring and supporting women on their journey towards everyday wellbeing. With a reputable 5,000-year track record, we truly believe in the power of tea and its truly transformative impact on overall healthy living.

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Diggin Her Roots Boutique

Founder: Leeand Diggs

Location: Maryland

Category: Clothing, Jewelry/Accessories

Diggin Her Roots Boutique speaks through clothing and accessories and seeks to find a medium where African clothing can be worn with esteemed pride. We love to see the culture embraced and for customers to look dope doing it!

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FenixRose Designs & Boutique

Founder: Theresa Headlam

Location: Maryland

Category: Clothing

FenixRose is a rising brand that is dedicated to designing and bringing fun, trendy, and high fashion inspired clothing.



FenZoul Gallery

Founder: Selma Siddig

Location: Maryland

Category: Visual Arts

FenZoul Gallery is focused on promoting and selling culture and ethnic inspired artwork.



I Don’t Do Clubs Home

Founder: Genese Jamilah

Location: New York

Category: Accessories, Home Goods

Founded and creatively directed by I DON'T DO CLUBS architect Genese JamilahI DON'T DO CLUBS Home is a chic home decor collection that enhances the style of your space with 
minimal effort.

Genese unknowingly inherited her love of interior design from her mother, Barbara. Their modern Stone Mountain, GA home was in a constant state of change. Barbara loved painting, wall papering, and adding & subtracting accent pieces from House Beautiful suggestions. Young Genese, her brother James, and their father James  thought it was ridiculous, just pick a color and stick with it.

Little did she know, years later Genese would also feel the need to constantly evolve her Manhattan apartment to match the season, the trends, and even her mood.

On Tuesday, April 23, 2019, Genese launched I DON'T DO CLUBS Home to assist her audience in transforming their space, one piece at a time.

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J’Luxe Scents & Co.

Founder: Jamese Lowry

Location: Maryland

Category: Home Goods, Cosmetics

J’Luxe Scents & co is a luxury all natural handcrafted soy candle,bath and body company. Our product line consist of soy candles, Room Sprays, Car Diffusers and bath soaks. We create our products with our customers in mind. All candles have a funny or trendy name to bring uniqueness to candles and includes a box of matches.

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LIPP Beauty

Founder: Aleah Rae

Location: Washington, DC

Category: Cosmetics

A professional makeup artist & educator with over 9 years in the beauty industry, when our founder Aleah Rae Dorsey launched LIPP BEAUTY over two years ago, she had a mission: To help you get CONFIDENT about color!

Today, she's still empowering her clients to be true to themselves, break barriers and defy beauty expectations. Through her hand-poured custom LIPPstick, this boss babe is turning pouts into smiles one tube at a time.

Hailing from a small town in New Jersey, USA, Aleah Rae is a Rutgers University grad, who taught middle school French before a major career change found her traveling the world, and working with big box beauty brands such as Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Smashbox, Yves Saint Laurent and Armani — just to name a few.

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Mz Eclectic

Founder: Ebony Brown

Location: Maryland

Category: Jewelry, Home Goods, Clothing, Visual Arts

Mz Eclectic is a boutique collection of world- inspired, upcycled & original fashion, art and lifestyle items created by principal designer and artist, Ebony C. Brown. 

Fashioned from combining Ebony's love for thrifting, designing, and traditional cultural attire she decided to share her art with the world and launched Mz Eclectic in the summer of 2018.

"I learned to sew by watching my aunt and grandmother who often made their own clothing. I was a kid, I had no idea that seeds were being planted at that time, it wasn't even like I was intently watching or studying with my little crayon and notepad taking notes or anything but you'd be surprised at the stuff you pick up just by being in the room or in an environment where these creative processes are always happening.  

"They were definitely much more technical with it- the different patterns and all but I never got into following patterns. I'm much more organic, just creating what I see in my head or feel in my heart." says Ebony.

Mz Eclectic pushes the envelope to create exclusive pieces by mixing fabrics, textures, colors, cultural traditions, and art forms. Roughly 80% of the products and materials used are recycled & in their second life.

"Traces of Africa, Asian and the Middles East can be found throughout the collection. Each piece tells a story of journey's past, while the new creation embraces chapters to be written"

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Oasis Soul Scent Co.

Founder: Lola Pyne

Location: Maryland

Category: Home Goods, Clothing, Skin Care

Oasis Soul Scent Co. crafts luxury handmade candles and scented home & body treats with natural ingredients & lasting fragrances inspired by soulful music. Products are handmade with love in Maryland, USA. Coconut Wax ~ Lead-free Cotton Wicks ~ Phthalate-free Fragrances

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Rox & Glitter

Founder: Aliya Rocker

Location: Washington, DC

Category: Jewelry/Accessories

Artistic visions manifested for adornment, Rox & Glitter jewelry is a bold and funky fusion of cultural notes and artistic elements. From painting beads and drilling holes to stenciling and twisting wires, each piece of Rox & Glitter jewelry is thoughtfully designed and hand-made.

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Founder: Jamila Lake

Location: Maryland

Category: Jewelry/Accessories, Home Goods, Clothing

Our mission at YellowBagDesigns, is to harness that creative energy to produce exquisite and unique designs that empower individuals through self-expression. As human beings, we are in a constant state of growth and change; born with an innate sense of style that reflects our individuality. Through our colorful and intricate designs, our hope is that the customer finds that special piece that speaks to their soul and ignites the flame within to live this life fearlessly and unapologetically bold!”

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