looking for a pop-up space?

Outside of our marketplace, we also have table space within goldn roots that you can book for a one-day (or multiple days) pop-up during store hours on days that the space isn’t being used for an in-store event. Unlike our marketplace, one-day vendors are responsible for the selling of their merchandise, advertising of said pop-up, and can only have items displayed within their designated space.

The fee to pop-up within our space during store hours is $80/day — and includes a 4-6ft table with two chairs. We accept a variety of black creative vendors within fashion, home decor, skin care, hair care, books/creative writing, prepared food, makeup artists, etc. as long as they aren’t similar to any of our existing vendors within the marketplace.

Store Hours:

Wednesday - Thursday: 12 PM - 8 PM

Friday - Saturday: 11 AM - 7 PM (closed every 1st Saturday)

Interested in being a vendor within our marketplace — which allows you to have your items within the space on a monthly basis, complimentary in-store events/coworking membership, sales associates present to sell your items, + more? Click here.

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Please note that it must be Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday (except the 1st Saturday of each month) during store hours.