2018 - 2019 black creatives brand ambassadors


Jamie "Jaine" Isaac

Jamie Isaac is a multimedia artist + maker, currently creating and exploring in the Washington, D.C. area. She fully welcomed and embraced her visual identity in 2011, when she realized that it was 100% possible to incorporate everything she loves into her creative journey. She began showcasing her work locally through Washington, D.C. and has also shown in other states such as Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania. In 2017, Jaime received her degree in Studio Art from Montgomery College and launched her “Jaine Creates: Handmade and Painted Collection.”

Today, Jamie's work is combination of a variety of mediums. She tends to explore painting, jewelry making, photography , and design. Her work features usage of vibrant colors, abstract subject matter, geometric patterns and lots of Triangles. While Creating , Jamie takes herself on a journey through her subconscious and lets what she's feeling explode into her work. Every step in her process is essential but not intentional. The  enjoyment is in the pure experimentation of making art with different materials. Experimentation is key in my artistic process. Jamie stays true to the saying, “artists can make anything out of nothing.”

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Nomad Nae

NomadNae is a North Carolinian transplant residing in MOCO who spends most of her time as a fabulous photographer and mental wellness writer. Her passion is to provide an outlet of expression and empathy for black people who struggle with questions about mental health.

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Oneil "The Creative Gentleman" Gardner

My name is Oneil and I have a deep passion for fashion, style, and photography. Essentially, I buy a lot of clothes and take a lot of pictures.

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Tiaa Rutherford

Tiaa B. Rutherford is the creator/product developer of TeTe's Butter Company, a plant-based|handmade beauty and body product line for the entire family. She is also the principal designer for Tiaa Rutherford Interiors. Tiaa is creative in every sense, of the word!

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Andreá Mays

Hi, my name is Andreá. I am a 20-something DMV bred photographer, videographer and blogger of Bambina's Corner.

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Plus in the DMV

Your two favorite Curvy Girlfriends following the growing plus-size Fashion Scene from the DMV via Podcast! Covering events, trends & trending topics!

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Bryant Brown

Bryant Brown is a producer based out of Washington DC! His creed is to provide sophisticated representations of culture. His vision is to be the progressive force that revitalizes the impact of authenticity in environments where genius is extracted, imitated and gentrified. His specific focus of is to provide logistical and strategic support for individuals seeking to manifest art, entertainment, philanthropy, and business.

Bryant has over 10 years of experience in the transformation of ideas into products. With idols like Quincy Jones and Sean Combs, Bryant believes the capacity of the imagination is limitless. Instead of focusing on the problems that arise in the manufacturing process, Bryant chooses to focus on plausibility. With the spirit of progression, he has produced a variety of different projects for 25+ artists including music albums, live performances, album artwork, candy wrappers, concert tickets, animated fliers, EPK content, 6 independent music labels, a new generation of wealth and so much more.

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Erin Smith

Erin is a lifestyle blogger from the DMV. She has a passion for beauty and travel. She also considers herself an obsessed foodie! Through RunningErins, she hopes to share, inspire, and create conversations.

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Whitney Daniel

Creator of 20 Something Doin' Something. Visual Artist. Content Creator.

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Paige Travis

Paige Travis is a Publicist with global agency experience, managing and supporting a multitude of the firm’s earned media, grassroots and stakeholder engagement campaigns. Paige has worked with healthcare, public affairs and international relations clients lead out of the Washington, D.C. and New York offices. Paige now specializes in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion communications, empowering multi-cultural brands and organizations to strategically reach their desired audiences. She launched her career as a TV news reporter and producer for NBC News and is a Chicago native.



Reggie Cunningham

Reggie is a D.C. area photographer and the creator of the “Pure Black” lifestyle brand. A Ferguson protester from St. Louis, Reggie uses his brand to tell stories of the black experience while affirming the black consciousness.

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Candace Carrington

Candace Carrington is an emerging creative voice in Washington, DC. Her content has been described as both fresh and relatable. Candace’s eye for developing compelling online content and influencing digital conversation is evidenced by her work with platforms like MILQ, xoNecole, Shadow & Act, COSIGN, DistrictMen and You Had Me at Black and in her own weekly interactive talk show, CultTV. In addition to content creation, Candace has employed her business and social media strategy expertise to develop brands such in the non-profit media space.

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Michelle Hart

DMV Designer, Makeup Artist, Fashionista, Curator of Creative and Novice Photographer. "Jackie of all Trades" and Master of Some.

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