Let’s turn your dreams into a reality.


Hey there!

My name is Morgan Davis. I’m the CEO + founder of Distinctly Creative, a graphic designer + brand strategist, a proud Howard University grad, and hopefully your new business coach.

Whether you’ve been allowing Netflix & fear to have you perpetually mulling over how to start your business, or you’re a bit more seasoned and trying to determine how you can take your creative business to the next level — I am here for you.

In the past 6+ years, I have helped a variety of small businesses (including my own), and larger organizations like the University of Maryland and George Mason University with their branding, marketing, and design needs. Through this, I’ve acquired a wealth of knowledge in respect to brand development, design & visual presentation, business development, customer discovery + acquisition, upselling, design thinking, sales and pricing strategies, event planning, and more -- and I’d love to bring some of that insight over to your business.

As a fellow creative entrepreneur, I totally get it. Marketing strategies, value propositions, and profit margins may be the last thing that you want to think about; however, with my unique + creative approach I not only make the business side of things interesting, but also applicable to your business needs because one size definitely doesn’t fit all.

Our sessions will be focused around building a routine, implementing the best practices for your business, and helping create (or build upon) your foundations for success.

I want to help bring light to your ideas, reduce self-doubt + imposter syndrome, and grow your profits.

Seems like something up your alley? Scroll below to check out my current packages + offerings.

Creative Entrepreneurs Bootcamp:

The creative entrepreneurs bootcamp is a 1-on-1 two month long program that focuses on turning your passions & talents into a viable business (or to help take your existing business to the next level). If you’re looking for more personal guidance on the business side of things + on how to make your dream a reality, then this is the program for you

The bootcamp will start on March 1, 2019 and will end April 30, 2019. As of right now, the bootcamp is only open to those in the DMV area.

What’s included:

  • Three in-person/online 60 minute sessions per month

  • Weekly email check-ins

  • Weekly exercises + tools

  • Two professional headshots

What you’ll learn/achieve:

  • Register your business

  • Understand/create your revenue streams

  • Determine your value proposition, mission statement, and vision.

  • Determine tangible goals for your business.

  • Create a business model canvas/business plan.

  • Understand who your target market is + how to market to them

  • Determine your overall marketing strategies

  • Create a business/brand aesthetic (i.e. graphic design, website, photo/video, tone)

  • Assess your expenses, profit margins, and how to increase/create profit while being budget conscious.

  • Determine how to create longevity with your business.

Price: $222/month (over a 2 month period)

To enroll in the bootcamp, you can click the button below. You will receive an email within 48 business hours regarding next steps. I look forward to working with you!

Creative Entrepreneurs Bootcamp
222.00 every month for 2 months