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The Black Creative Entrepreneur Bootcamp is an intensive, 3 month, 1-on-1 program taught by Morgan Davis (the founder + CEO of Distinctly Creative), and designed for DMV based black creative entrepreneurs. This program focuses on helping you create long-term success within a personalized, results-driven environment.

As a creative entrepreneur, tackling + understanding the business side of your brand can be frustrating; therefore, my goal is to ensure that you not only understand how to create/grow a viable, long-term business, but you are also provided with the necessary tools and resources to do so.

What’s Included:

  • 2 hr sessions 2x a month (one face-to-face, and one via phone/video)

  • Weekly exercises/resources

  • Unlimited email assistance

  • 24hr access to the Mount Rainier office to work (when any events/sessions aren't occurring in the space)

  • 1 Headshot

  • 1 Branded t-shirt (which they will learn how to make)

  • Listing in the black creatives directory

Program Fee: $260/mo. (during the three month period)

Click here for additional add-on offerings like a custom marketing plan, website, product photos, logo design, and more.

What you’ll learn + achieve

  • Attract the right types of customers. clients, and/or attendees (and retain them).

  • Effectively scale & create longevity with your business.

  • Implement & create effective visual content for your branding, and marketing initiatives (social, digital, and offline).

  • Create an effective marketing campaign.

  • Understand how to plan successful events & other outreach initiatives.

  • Track & understand your analytics.

  • Manage & track your expenses, revenue, and costs.

  • Ensure that your business is legally sound.

  • Create a healthy mindset for success.

  • Establish and diversify your revenue streams.

  • Determine the value of your products and/or services.

  • Build effective partnerships.

  • Align and map-out how you will efficiently achieve day-to-day goals + tasks, and long-term initiatives.

  • + more! (the program is 100% tailored your needs + goals)

About Morgan

My name is Morgan Davis. I’m the CEO + founder of Distinctly Creative, a graphic & fashion designer, brand strategist, a proud Howard University grad, and hopefully your new business coach. Whether you’ve been allowing Netflix & fear to have you perpetually mulling over how to start your business, or you’re a bit more seasoned and trying to determine how you can take your creative business to the next level — I am here for you.

In the past 6+ years, I have helped a variety of small businesses (including my own), and larger organizations like the University of Maryland and George Mason University with their branding, marketing, and design needs. Through this, I’ve acquired a wealth of knowledge in respect to brand development, design & visual presentation, business development, customer discovery + acquisition, online + offline marketing strategy, digital advertising, design thinking, finances, sales and pricing strategies, event planning, and more -- and I’d love to bring some of that insight over to your business.

As a fellow creative entrepreneur, I totally get it. Marketing strategies, value propositions, and profit margins may be the last thing that you want to think about; however, with my unique + creative approach I’ll help bring light to your ideas, reduce self-doubt + imposter syndrome, and grow your profits.


You must be 18+, reside in the DMV, and be a black creative with a company (or aspiring one) that is within a creative industry (fashion, visual art, photography, graphic design, creative services, performing arts, etc.).

Application + Deadlines

Applications for the bootcamp are accepted on an ongoing basis. Please use the form below to apply, you will receive an email from Morgan within 48 business hours.


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