Coworking Space Update - March 2018

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We’re about 6 weeks away from FINALLY opening the coworking space, and I’m so incredibly excited!! It has been such a long and transformative journey, and I’m really looking forward to finally being able to share the space with all of you.

It’s still so mind-blowing to me how much things can change in a matter of months, and that the whole fiasco with the previous space was almost 8 months ago. It seems like just yesterday I was painting the walls of the space; however, as mentioned many times before I’m so grateful for change + the auspicious blessings that have been occurring in respect to this space.

The coworking space will officially be opening on April 18th — which will be the start of a series of events for the grand opening, and more information about that will be provided within the next few days. In respect to memberships, we’ll be accepting applications starting April 1st, and tours will begin the week of April 14th.

For more information about the space, pricing, etc. please feel free to visit this link.

x stay blessed

Morgan Davis | founder + CEO of Distinctly Creative

Morgan Davis