Coworking Space Update - January 2018

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To have gone from renovating a space predominately on my own in a building with shady af management, to having someone else cover/manage the renovations is a real blessing + a huge load off my shoulders.

When I was looking for new locations for the coworking space, I was excited, but also mentally and physically exhausted from all of the work that I had put into the old space. So, to have found a location where I don’t have to do anything except move-in my furniture, decor, and equipment is so amazing — and again a true example of resilience.

In entrepreneurship, it’s a given that there will be times that things don’t go as planned; however, it’s so important to stay positive, take the lesson from the L, and keep looking towards the future.

While I wish I could take back everything that happened from August - December, what I can say is that through all of that I learned so many lessons.

So, renovations started last week, and as you can see it already looks totally different than what it looked like before.

I cannot wait to see the space when it’s finished.

For info about the coworking space/event space you can visit this link. We’ll be accepting tours/memberships starting in March. 

x stay blessed

Morgan Davis | founder + CEO of Distinctly Creative

Morgan Davis