Movin on Mount Rainier

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Oh 2019, it’s only been two days and you’ve already started to show how amazing this year will be.

As mentioned within my previous post, we’re opening our coworking + makerspace in Mount Rainier, MD on March 1st. While it’s unfortunate what happened, Sutiland is still somewhere that I would like for Distinctly Creative to have a presence, but for right now I think our new location is a great fit for our current needs.

I just signed the lease early December, so as you can see the space is still in it’s early stages of renovations, but I can’t wait for y’all to see the final product.

What looks like two distinct rooms right now will become one big open space, and the 70s carpet will be swapped out for hard wood floors. I can tell I’m getting older because shopping for wood samples gave me way more joy than it probably should.

Periodically, I’ll be updating the blog with new posts about the current state of the space. So, make sure to check-in once in a while as we take this old space to FREEDOMMM!

For info about memberships, the space, and rentals you can visit this link.

x stay blessed

Morgan Davis | founder + CEO of Distinctly Creative

Morgan Davis