Chile, it's been quite a year.....but 2019 is about to be great.

I don’t know about y’all, but I am SO looking forward to 2019. Not just because of the new things planned for the new year, but because quite frankly 2018 has been at my neck like an overdue student loan payment. However, despite this, I can definitely say that I still feel incredibly blessed.

Some of you may know that I was in the process of opening a coworking + makerspace in Suitland, MD (that was actually slated to open this month); however, the universe had other (and what I have found to be better) plans.

A few weeks ago, I found out that Beltway Plaza Investments YP, LLC + the property manager of the space that I was to be leasing are illegally running an office building, running a scam + identify theft, committing tax evasion, and attempting to double lease office spaces (with one of the spaces that I was leasing apart of this). It was devastating to find out about this because it meant that I could not operate in that space — especially with all that I had gone through up till that moment.

For two months I could barely get ahold of the property manager + owner who had supposedly went off to Korea for a family issue, had to deal with an elevator not working for several weeks, AC units not working for several weeks, and excessive water leaking from the ceiling.

To say I felt like a crazy hot ass mess was an understatement, especially because I had probably spent over 400+ hours painting + removing carpet predominately by myself (with some help from my wonderful friends) for a 5,000 sq ft space.

In addition to this, it also meant that I couldn’t have the 2nd installment of BLK GOLD at that space — something that I had been planning since last year, and was really looking forward to. Efforts into trying to find a new venue for BLK GOLD for that same day were definitely attempted; however, with December being a busy time for event venues — there weren’t any large enough spaces available for that date.

I like to be pretty transparent went it comes to mental health, so I will be honest and say that it took a lot for me to not only mentally process everything, but to stop myself from wanting to hide in my apartment for the rest of the year.

Social media can make entrepreneurship look incredibly sexy, but what many don’t realize is that what lays behind the curated feeds and filters sometimes is something that’s not very alluring.

After many cartons of Ben & Jerrys, pizza, and binge watching Random Acts of Flyness (which is amazing by the way), I not only realized that I needed to go outside, but that throughout life (and business) we are given difficult situations as a way to prepare us for something even better than what we could ever imagine.

…which these last few weeks have definitely been a testament of that.

So, despite these shortcomings, I’m very excited to reveal what’s in store for the rest of 2018 + going forward.

  1. BLK GOLD will now be on Saturday, February 23rd from 6-10 PM at the Riggs Alumni Center in College Park, MD. Also, in thanks to one of our sponsors the event is now free to attend — which you can grab your RSVP ticket at (there are also a few vendor spots available).

  2. I was able to find a really amazing space (plus get all of our money back!) for the coworking space in Mount Rainier, MD. It will be opening in February of 2019, and I will be posting info about memberships + the space next week.

  3. From now going forward I’d really like to put more emphasis within Distinctly Creative on helping black creative entrepreneurs grow viable businesses, so I decided to start making a library of business freebies + resources for creatives. Right now there are three freebies on that page — a partnership agreement form template, a social media content calendar, and a 50 point startup business checklist. This section will be updated on a monthly basis.

  4. THE PLAYBOOK IS FINALLY READDYYY. Whew chile I’ve been wanting to say that for so long, and in January it’ll finally be coming true.

  5. In thanks to my friends + clients, I’ve decided to start offering some of my business coaching services through Distinctly Creative — which you can now book here.

  6. In January of 2019 the DMV Black Creatives Directory will be moving over to the main Distinctly Creative website. Additionally, this “new” directory will be open to creatives worldwide, and will allow for you to create an account where you can easily add + edit your listing.

  7. Also in January, there’ll be an Event Calendar section on the website — while this calendar will show Distinctly Creative events, it will also be open to anyone looking to advertise their own events within the DMV area. Posting on this calendar will also mean that we’ll feature your event within our story + our newsletter.

  8. Lastly, starting this month, our newsletter will be getting a bit of a facelift. From now going forward, twice a month our newsletter will provide subscribers with info about local events, job opportunities, funding opportunities, early access to business freebies & resources, and additional business tips (outside of the ones periodically posted on the IG).

You know, it’s funny how life works. One minute you’re playing Bob-the-Builder to be cost effective, and another minute you’re Law & Order on a quest to uncover the truth. However, despite all of this what you realize is that everything (even in a weird way) has a way of working itself out.

x stay blessed

Morgan Davis | founder + CEO of Distinctly Creative

Morgan Davis