Instagram Ads 101 E-Book

Instagram Ads 101 E-Book


What’s Included in this E-book:

  • A 15 page e-book that goes over everything that you need to know about Instagram ads, promoting a post, how understanding your target audience is an important aspect of creating effective ads, and how to create great ads.

  • 2 Walkthrough videos of Instagram Ads + Promoting a Post (about 2hrs of content)

  • A marketing plan template

  • A character profile/marketing persona template

  • An Instagram ad dimensions spec sheet

  • Unlimited access to the walkthrough videos

  • … the confidence to go out & create amazing IG ads of your own!

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If you’ve been feeling frustrated with Instagram, the algorithm, and how to better promote your business on IG then this is the perfect book for you.

You’ll learn all about IG ads, how to make them budget friendly, the difference between an ad vs promoting a post, and how to make effortless ads for your business.

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