(RECORDING) Booked + Busy Workshop: How to Attract the Right Types of Customers & Clients

(RECORDING) Booked + Busy Workshop: How to Attract the Right Types of Customers & Clients


What’s Included:

  • A video recording of the 1st installation of “Booked + Busy” (1 hr 30 min)

  • Target Market/Audience Template

  • Character Profile Template

  • Google AdWords Video Walkthrough (1 hr)

  • Instagram + FB Ads Video Walkthrough (1 hr)

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Missed the 1st installment of Booked & Busy? Don’t worry, you can get your own copy of the recording that goes over the following:

  • How to determine your ideal target market.

  • How to make social media posts that attract the right types of customers, clients, and/or attendees.

  • How to create a website that entices people to purchase your product, sign up for your newsletter, fill out your inquiry form, etc.

  • How to ensure that your visual branding (logo, brand colors, product photos, etc.) falls in line with your target audience.

  • How to use online + offline advertising that's appealing to your audience.

  • How to write copy for your website, social media, and emails that translates into sales

In addition to a recording of the workshop you’ll also receive a target market + character profile template, a mini target market/audience ebook, and video walkthroughs of how to use Google Adwords + IG/FB Ads (which are excerpts from our “How to Maximize Online Ads course).


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